A silver disk, a 30 piece choir and Brixton Academy - twas a good November!

November has been a busy month with shows with Yussef Dayes in Italy going straight into a support tour with Tom Misch culminating in a show at Brixton Academy - one off the bucket list! Straight after that was Hackney Colliery Bands biggest show of the year at The Scala.

As part of their new collaborative project they had the 30 piece Roundhouse choir join them for some of HCB's set sandwiched between the drums and horns - was a challenge to mic up on a stage that is not very deep! Anyway, I just about made it work and everyone was pleased.

The choir also did a short set in support and I have to say the audience were amazing - very quiet and appreciative which was fantastic as it was a swine to amplify.

Yussef Dayes at Brixton Academy

Then to round off the month Brownswood records have awarded Yussef Kamaal a silver disk for 20,000 records sold in Europe. NICE!