Yussef Dayes supports Kamasi Washington + Hackney Colliery Band Play Ronnies to support new album

Its been a fine few months of 2019 - I have been in Europe with Yussef Dayes trio doing shows in Spain, Italy and Turkey and

We just finished a support tour with Kamasi Washington in the UK. He is a really great spirit and lovely guy. We went out to dinner with him in Birmingham to the most classic old mans pub and ate food which was straight from 1975 (but delicious!) he was getting the best looks from the clientel who had no idea who he was. We also did a show at Glasgow Barrowlands which was a first for me - what a brilliant venue, like going back in time!!

Also a first was mixing a show at Ronnie Scotts with HCB which was a great experience although had a near miss as a 1 second power outage in Soho during the interval put the interface between desk (on a UPS) and amps into a safe mode which muted everything. We had to do a swift power cycle (ie switch the desk and interface off and on again) to get things working again - just what you need with a full house and the band about to come on stage. I have to say the house tech saved my bacon, and the rule of switching off and on again!!