Press conference

Its always good when you get a phone call a few days before a gig saying "you are confident you can do this - its very high profile" when you have never done anything like it before...

Production audio is much more nuts and bolts, you are just there to do a service and keep as low a profile as possible. The atmosphere is so different as everyone is there to work rather than be entertained as they are at a show.

So doing a press conference which is going out all major sports media (Sky, BBC, CBS) possibly live, was slightly nerve racking. 3 table mics and 2 roving radio mics for questions, surely there is not too much that can go wrong.

The radios were nice and clean during set up but once 50 press had arrived and security was there I was getting all sorts of stuff breaking into my signals - thank god I kept checking them. I had to change frequencies several times in the 10 minutes before we went live just hoping to find something clear while also providing the feeds to the various press from the distribution amps and checking they were happy with level etc.

Anyway, smashed it and pats on the back all round so on to the next one!