Analog - when you're good you're great! Maida Vale and Bologna Show

The Analog board at Locomotiv

Outboard at Locomotiv, Bologna

The SSL J Series at BBC Maida Vale

I had literally just updated our tech rider to say Analog desk: Really? lets talk... when the spec of the club we were playing that week arrived and said - Analog desk: Crest X. Classic. I love analog, its wonderful, when it works. These days any venue that still has an analog system is a gamble. The main reason being will it all work? You know the gear is going to be at least 15 - 20 years old and if not well maintained, is going to be a world of pain.

Club Locomotiv in Bologna I can report, is maintained with love and it all works (mostly) Yes, i got an electric shock from the talk back mic, and the front fills were ancient and a driver needed replacing (muted that) but the joy was the lack of faff I needed to do to make the mix sound good. Hardly any eq, bit of compression, TC reverb and all sounding good!

Other things sounding good this week were Yussef's session at BBC Maida Vale for Benji B. The SSL J series there sounded incredible as did the real plate and delicious selection of mics they have there. The guys payed great and I think it will be aired the week of the 27th jan.

Maida Vale is such a great place, will be sadly missed when it closes.