Yussef Dayes and Tom Misch - What Kinda Music

Working with Yussef on his own project as TM and FoH I have known about this album for a long time although i had heard very little of it so i was very excited for the release in April. We supported Tom on a few dates of his UK tour in 2019 - he puts on a great show and it was a great vibe being out with him and the band.

Having finally listened to the record i think my fave track is the title track and i also recently heard a remix by Jordan Rakei which I loved. The videos they put together are also fantastic - I really love the aesthetic of Ukraine. The track with Rocco "Kyiv" is also awesome and check the video for some amazing and hilarious dancing. the whole thing is a jam and you really feel the spontaneity in the track and the visuals. They have some decent size shows booked and i cant wait to hear the tracks live and the inevitable jams that will come from having such great musicians onstage.

Whenever we do Yussef shows the jams are the best bit - in fact its mostly jams with a few bits of the tunes thrown in!